Non-Bank Commercial property loans with competitive, low rates

Denied by a bank or a credit union?
We offer Hard Money Loans, Conventional Loans & Everything in Between
At Competitively Low Rates

Commercial Property Loans

Guardian Financial Mortgage is the quickest and easiest way to finance the purchase of a commercial property. We finance office buildings, retail locations, gas stations, hotels, mix use properties & so much more. Banks and credit unions are rigorously strict with these loans, but we can provide non-bank solutions for incredibly low rates.

Residential Property Loans

If you own large equity in a home or commercial property but need money quick, cash-out refinancing is the perfect solution for you. Using your property as collateral, we can get you the cash that you need! We also offer term and rate adjustments on your current mortgage.

SBA Loans & business lines of credit and working capital loans

Credit scores as low as 650
Working capital
Refinance existing business debt
New equipment purchase
Refinance or purchase of owner-occupied commercial real estate.

Fix & Flip Loans and Construction Loans

$500,000 to $10,000,000 Line of Credit for fix & Flip investment properties. 1-4 Unit Investment properties. 5 to 20 apartments and multi-units Ground-up Constructions. Qualify: 640 Minimum Credit score, 5 Years Investment property experience, $50,000 Minimum cash liquid reserves.

Why Choose Guardian?

  • Extremely Competitive Rates
  • We deal with all types of loans & investments, simplifying the tedious world of investment for our clients
  • Over 30 years of licensed lending & brokerage experience
  • Friendly, professional, and always available customer service
  • We offer loans that do not require tax returns
  • Fast approvals
  • Free PEO (property evaluation opinion)
  • Free credit re-score service
  • Free property demographic report

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About Guardian Financial

We have access to virtually unlimited capital and are expertly positioned to meet the needs of small business owners, investors, and savers that fall outside of traditional bank parameters.

We provide a full range of loan programs for the self- employed applicant, including “No Income Verification” loans secured by commercial real estate Our range of products ensures that we have a loan fit for you.

Due to our private lender network. We often accept poor credit, offer particular loans that do not require tax returns, have fast approval times, and can provide you with financial advice that will properly prepare you for retirement.

We Help Clients All Across the United States!